Design and production

The high level of satisfaction regarding the quality of moulds produced by MARIGO is obtained by a process of continuous fine tuning of those variables that allow the improvement of production and mainly regard:

  • the design which begins by using the base of the carcass used by the Client, so as to guarantee the maximum level of correspondence to the mould and, therefore, the best performance of the reconstructed tyre;
  • the design of the mould structure employs a system of building in and fixing of the tread quadrants without the use of welds, which are the cause of geometric deformations which would not permit perfect alignment;
  • the modelling process is done using CAD/CAM 3D software for the design and the production of a specific fusion box for every mould to be produced, obtaining tread quadrants of a highly precise size;
  • the availability of an internal foundry department allowed the development of a Special Duralumin alloy that only MARIGO is able to use as a raw material;
  • the production process of every mould undergoes, before the mounting of the tread quadrants, a first turning phase and, after the sectioning of the sectors, a second turning phase in order to restore the perfect geometry of the sectors, limiting the “petal effect” and “run out” for better balance and quality of the reconstructed tyre;
  • the design of the vulcanisation gas outlet system allows the use of holes up to a diameter of 1.2/1.5 mm and, by using specific inserts, up to a diameter of 0.6/0.8 mm.


Range: moulds in aluminium and/or steel:

  • for cars;
  • for light transport;/strong
  • for off-road vehicles;
  • for lorries;
  • for earth-moving machinery;
  • specials (for airplanes, for agricultural machinery, for motorcycles, for go-karts, etc).

Download moulds range depliant: